19 March 2006

View From The Front: "The difference between now and two years ago is incredible."

Some timely perspective for this day, the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq.

Letter received by Soldiers' Angel Lisa from a CO on progress in Iraq, media coverage of the war, and thanks for support.

As commander of Apache Troop, 1st Squadron, 10th United States Cavalry Regiment, I would like to personally thank you on behalf of all of my troops for your exceptional generosity. As many of you know from the evening news and other sources, the days are often long and dangerous here in Iraq and it means a great deal to my soldiers and I that folks like you are back home supporting us. As we move into the fourth month of deployment for the Troop, we continue to work hard both to protect the local population, build strength and capabilities of the local Army and police forces, and eliminate the terrorists in the area. The missions are challenging, but the thoughtful things from folks like you are a real boost to morale for all of the soldiers and I.

For those of you that follow the news, you are probably seeing coverage of Iraq and a lot of speculation about the impending civil war between the different factions that make up the population of this nation. While there are issues here for sure, I can tell you that the Iraqi Army and Police are doing an admirable job of providing security to the population and showing that they really can take the fight to the enemy and keep the people safe. We are making progress here, and though it is slow at times, the difference between now and two years ago when I was last here are incredible. There is continued danger here for both US and Iraqi forces, but I can say that we now fight along side of each other, something I would never have done just two years ago. We often hear that the support for the war is waning in the US, and I can tell you that we must continue this mission, not only because of the responsibility we have as a nation to rebuilt this once great country but also because quitting now would trivialize the deaths of many great soldiers who gave their lives for this cause. I am confident that there is a positive end to this, and that in the coming few years we will see dramatic improvement in the country and will be able to leave this place in a secure state in not too long. Please keep us in your thoughts as we continue this difficult mission. We know you are with us as soldiers, and that means a great deal.

Hope that you are doing well. Apache Troopers continue the fine tradition of this unit, started nearly 200 years ago on the frontiers of America and carried on through every major conflict this nation has faced. We are proud of what we do, proud to protect you and the USA, and proud to be able to help Iraq return to a proud, democratic, and prosperous nation.

Thanks again for your generosity. All the best from us here in Al Hillah, Iraq!

Apaches on the Warpath!


Thank you Apache Troop for your courage, honor and sacrifice. We support you and are proud to stand with you!

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