17 March 2006

Long-Overdue WR Update - The Fun and Games Continue

Photo courtesy of Gunn Nutt.

I may have been remiss in updating you on the Friday night activities at Walter Reed since Victory against the Pinkos was declared, but the fun and games go on!

Gunn Nutt, Landry Fan (get well soon, LF!), DC FReepers, Protest Warriors, and others continue to fight the good fight. The Pinkos are still there, of course, but waaaay down the block since they let their permit expire for one of the corners in front of WR.

Here's a couple of highlights from Gunn Nutt's post:

The springtime warmth brought out lots of patriots to welcome and cheer our beloved Troops. We had crowds on ALL FOUR CORNERS out in front of Walter Reed for the eighth week. Of course the nice weather brought some extra commie 'tards out from beneath the rocks as well. They were in for quite a surprise...

First, CJ of A Soldier's Perspective arrived ready to take on the half-wits.
( ... )
[Then] BlackRepublican was approached by one Pinko who demanded that he leave the area because even the far side of the street was Code Pink's. BR asked to see the permit. The Pinko couldn't produce the permit but volunteered that "the cops will make you move."

Ah yes, "Help! Police! Make the bad people leave us alone!" Head Pinko Gael Murphy even walked waaaaay up the block to scream at Kristinn for the intrusion. The hard-core commies were losing their composure and no doubt feared their new recruits were beginning to have doubts about this kind of protest.

They love to spread propaganda about the military missing recruiting goals, but their own retention rate is abysmal! So when the newbies are exposed to a real Iraqi and real American heroes who tell them that protesting in front of a hospital is not the kind of support they want, Pink Hat and the other "committee members" get real nervous.

This time their attempt to get us in trouble back-fired!

Some of D.C.'s finest showed up at the Pinko's request. They asked to see our permits. Concretebob and tglsTakoma promptly retrieved the documents and presented them for inspection. All good!

The cops then went waaaaay down the block and asked to see the Pinko's permits. Not so good. I didn't hear the conversation, but I imagine it went something like this:

Pink Hat: Perry, do you have the permit?

Perry: I don't have it. Gael, do you have the permit?

Gael: That wasn't one of my 'action items'. Why didn't anyone get the permit? Wasn't that your job, Bruce?

Bruce: ...


Bruce: I couldn't help it! They have pizza and pretzles and I was sooooo hungry and ... and, I ...

Gael: You ate the permit!?

Having failed to produce the required document, the commies were ordered to disperse.

YES! Foiled again by those rotten stinking flag-waving neocon warmongers! The Pinkos show once again why commies are 'tards.

Funny how commies look alike all over the world, regardless of age. Compare the photos of "Pink Hat", et al with this one of a Pinko who showed up near Landstuhl, Germany last weekend.

Photo - Raymond T. Conway / S&S

Moving on, as GN mentions, CJ of A Soldier's Perspective joined the group last Friday. He engaged several Pinkos, bless his heart.

I went to Walter Reed tonight to watch the protests that happen every Friday night. I was able to meet many people that I’ve known for quite some time and some I never knew existed. I interviewed the opposition and the supporters. I actually interviewed the opposition first because I really wanted to know what was in their heads.
( ... )
I absolutely agreed. I told them that every war COULD indeed be prevented…until we are attacked. The people that could have prevented war CHOSE not to. Al Qaeda attacked us. They could have prevented this entire thing. Saddam paid to have Bush 41 assassinated. He could have prevented war. He killed innumerous civilians in his own country. People we’re still finding the bones of to this day. He invaded Kuwait, a defenseless country. He chose to kick out the weapon’s inspectors and chose a non-peaceful solution. He subsidized the suicide bombing trade in Palestine and Israel, resulting in dead Americans. Yes, war CAN be prevented.

Make sure to check out both GN's and CJ's posts - chock full of photos and interesting encounters.

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