10 March 2006

Snow 'n Stuff

Here's the snow.

And here's the stuff :-)

The snow started early Friday morning. Road conditions on post went from Amber, to Red, and finally to Black. Luckily I had arrived in Kaiserslautern the night before.

When conditions are Black, all non-essential personnel are sent home and the buses from Kleber to the hospital and the PXs stop running.

I was able to keep busy with all that stuff, but it was pretty boring for the outpatients at Kleber. The barracks are being renovated so there was only one TV room open and they guys watched one movie after another. (The video game room with it's 24/7 Halo Fest is also open, thank goodness.) But by Saturday night it was so bad we actually watched Revenge of the Nerds Part 4 ;-)

Between the snow, the limited weekend weekend meal times at Kleber, and the snack bar also being shut down due to the renovations, everybody was getting hungry by evening. So I decided to venture out in the snow to a nearby supermarket and pick up some Leberkäse and rolls. Leberkäse is like hot dog meat in a big loaf shape which can be cut into slices.

The new arrivals from Iraq and Afghanistan really appreciated the snack after their long journey, as did the rest of the outpatients. It also provided a little action. So we made the best of the situation and all in all it was a pretty cozy evening at Kleber.

Our shipments during this visit included 16 filled backpacks and over 1000 pair fleece gloves from Soldiers' Angels Foundation in the US and purchased with cash donations.

There were also many Blankets of Hope for the First Response backpacks. I wish I could have taken pictures of them all because they are not only beautiful but clearly made by all of you with so much love. We are very grateful to all of you for sending our recovering heroes these wonderful blankets.

Blankets of Hope, made "with love and hope for your recovery... "

As always, THANK YOU Angels and Friends for your support. We couldn't do any of this without you!

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