Supporting Wounded Warriors at Landstuhl Hospital

In addition to programs for deployed service members, their families, and our veterans, Soldiers' Angels supports medical treatment facilities in Germany and the US. The mission of the Soldiers’ Angels facility in Germany is to provide on-site support for patients during their stay at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center after medical evacuation from Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as other theaters of operations such as the Horn of Africa.

A wounded Soldier at Landstuhl hospital receives a Soldiers' Angels backpack with clothing and personal care items from SSG Gary Zigler, Casualty NCO of the USARPAC Casualty Liaison Team.

Landstuhl Regional Medical Center received over 1,500 sick and injured warriors in 2016. Soldiers' Angels again distributed almost $60,000 worth of supplies to our Wounded Warriors, including over 400 sets of sweats, 1200 t-shirts, underwear, and socks, 350lbs of personal care items, over 750 hand made blankets, and much more.

Receiving comfort items as donations from fellow Americans back home provides a level of personal support that has a very positive impact on a patient's morale, and therefore on the recovery process. Your support is needed and very much appreciated!

MOST-NEEDED ITEMS for October 2017, in order of need

Please print out, complete, and include this form in your packages. Without this information, we will be unable to confirm their receipt. Note: This is a new form for 2017.

- Sweatpants and Zippered Hoodie Sweatjackets (M, L, XL - black or gray) *** Among our most-needed items at this time. ***

- Plain white undershirts and plain T-shirts (M, L, XL - crew neck, any color) *** Among our most-needed items at this time. ***

- Socks (white ankle or crew length preferred)

- Lounge/sleep pants/pj bottoms (M, L, XL - any color or pattern)

- Men's Boxerbriefs (M, L, XL) 2nd choice boxers. Please do not send "tightie whities".

- Deodorant, small size preferred but not necessary *** Among our most-needed items at this time. ***

- Toothpaste, travel-sized preferred but all sizes gratefully accepted *** Among our most-needed items at this time. ***

- Toothbrushes, individually wrapped *** Among our most-needed items at this time. ***

- Dental Floss

- Lip balm

- Nail Clippers (large & small)

- Good disposable razors, triple or quad-blade. Please do not send refills. (We would rather have a few good razors than 100 of the cheaper kind that tear guys' faces up!) Bulk packaging ok. Example.

- Shaving cream (Aerosol cans, travel size. Please do not send tubes of cream or gel.)

- Fleece blankets, minimum width 45", minimum length 60". To see details, click here.

Sale items/volume discounts for clothing and personal care items can often be found online. Many companies deliver directly to APOs, which avoids paying "double shipping". Sending donations Priority is not necessary. Ask your Post Office about Parcel Post rates.

(Many of our needed clothing items can be purchased online at Hanes or Walmart and sent directly to us.

- Here are some examples from Hanes: Hoodies, sweatpants, and undershirts.

- Here are some examples from Walmart: Socks, hoodies, sweatpants, and undershirts.

If you choose this method, please email us with your order number and/or call your order a "Gift from... " with your name while placing your order so we can track and confirm your shipment.)

Please send items to:

Soldiers' Angels
CMR 402
APO AE 09180

- Please notify us when items are shipped.
- Please print out, complete, and include this form in your packages. Without this information, we will be unable to confirm their receipt.
- Please allow 8 - 10 weeks for receipt confirmation.
- Priority shipping is not necessary. Consider using Parcel Post to save shipping expenses. Ask your Post Office for details.

What NOT to send:

- Please stick to the list above! If you have a question about sending something not on the list, please email us to ask before sending.
- Please do not send clothing sizes Small, 2X, or 3X.
- Please do not send books or magazines.
- Please do not send cards or letters.
- All items received by medical facilities must be new and unused.
- Please do not wash before sending.
- Bulk items preferred. Please do not make up 'kits' or individual care packages.

Gold Star Mother and Soldiers' Angel Linda Ferrara with patient in front of donations shelves with clothing and hygiene items available for outpatients 24/7.

What happens to your donations after they are sent to us? See Your donations - from receipt to distribution.

More photos of patients, staff, and angels at Landstuhl can be found on the Soldiers' Angels Germany Facebook page.

"A lot of the guys here are hurting. But when we see all that stuff... and know that people have sent it, and that other people have put it out here for us, it makes us feel really good."

- Soldier recovering at the Landstuhl outpatient barracks.

This information is current as of October 2017.