09 March 2006

A Couple of Notes

Ronald Reagan once noted that "“Some people wonder all their lives if they've made a difference. The Marines don't have that problem.”

Along the same lines, David at The Thunder Run has written a great piece today called What Drives Your Life?

Gives you something to think about.

* * *

And Michelle Malkin has an update on Joshua Sparling, who has told Sean Hannity in a recent interview that his leg will have to be amputated after all. It will be a below the knee amputation so he's still hoping to return to the 82nd Airborne after his recovery.

* * *

Now flash back to May 6th, 1945. An American tanker, Bob Persinger, is leading a patrol in Austria when villagers tell him of a "work camp" down the road.

60 years later Persinger is reunited with the survivors of the Ebensee concentration camp which he liberated.

Blackfive tells this incredibly moving story.

There are about 120,000 Holocaust survivors who live in the U.S. As they get older, like the men who fought in WWII and liberated them, their numbers are dwindling. Several Holocaust survivors have set out to find their liberators, soldiers that they never had the opportunity to thank for saving their lives. The survivors of the Ebensee concentration camp in Austria found the commander of "The Lucky Lady", the tank that crashed the gates and saved them...

Never forget.

Never forget the victims of evil dictatorships and the everyday heroes of the US military, past and present.

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