06 March 2006

Support Our Troops in Ramstein March 11

We're on!

Here's the information for the Support the Troops event countering Cindy's anti-military, anti-victory, anti-German/American partnership protest in Germany:

Saturday, March 11, 2006
12:00 - 16:00
Ramstein Airbase, West Gate (at the roundabout)

Please send an email here to let us know you're coming and to receive further updates.

Complete information for the Support the Troops in Ramstein event at organizer Stefan Prystawik's site here.
More to follow.

Update: From our friend Ray at David's Medienkritik in Germany:

Cindy Sheehan will be in Germany this upcoming weekend to spread her message of retreat and defeat as she marches from a church in Landstuhl (a town where wounded American soldiers are treated) to a location outside Ramstein Airbase where she plans to set up another "Camp Casey."

But not everyone is planning to sit around and silently watch the German media fawn and drool over Ms. Sheehan. Several groups are organizing a peaceful counter demonstration to support American and Coalition soldiers and victory in Iraq. We strongly encourage all of our readers in Germany and surrounding areas to converge on Ramstein this Saturday to take part!

Update 2: Endorsement from the Republicans Abroad / GOP Europe:

Republicans Abroad encourages the demonstration of support for building democracy in Iraq and for all of the troops serving there.

Cindy Sheehan's visit to Germany is not only intended to undermine the sacrifice that U.S. troops are making to fight the terrorists in Iraq, but is meant to undermine German-American relations.

Cindy's call for a withdrawal of troops from Iraq is terribly irresponsible: withdrawal would leave the fate of millions of Iraqis up to a few thousand terrorists and withdrawal of German support for our troops would make their job much more difficult to achieve.

Rather than lobby the world against American troops, Cindy Sheehan should honor the loss of her son by lobbying for more international support for fighting the real terrorists in Iraq.

Eric R. Staal
RA Germany Pressesprecher

Update 3: Cindy, Revisted from SMASH:

FOR THE SECOND TIME in less than a week, Cindy Sheehan graced us with her presence here in San Diego. On Friday evening she was the headline speaker in an anti-war forum sponsored by the UC San Diego College Democrats. And once again, I suffered through her stump speech to bring you this report.

Why, you might be asking yourself, is this blogger, who rarely even mentioned Cindy when she was at the height of her fame, posting on her twice in one week? There must be a new angle, a twist...

Read the whole thing to find out why.

h/t Welcome to Andi's World

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