06 October 2006

Over 700 Heroes Waiting for Angels

Many of you know that one of the most far-reaching missions of Soldiers' Angels is to match deployed troops with Angels. The Angel's job is to make sure our soldiers in the desert get some extra mail and know they are loved and supported back home.

Due to troop rotations, we currently have over 700 Soldiers and Marines waiting for Angels. Commanders on second deployments with previous Soldiers' Angels experience are submitting their entire units.

Won't you step up and become a Soldiers' Angel?

Maybe you don't know any members of our military and are wondering who these Soldiers and Marines are.

Well, take a look at this 60 second piece from MSNBC honoring our military Heroes. It's about one of your fellow countrymen, Sgt Leigh Ann Hester, the first female Soldier to receive a Silver Star since WWII.

Faces of Courge: Leigh Ann Hester

If you are unable to adopt a Soldier or Marine, please pass the word about Soldiers' Angels to your church, company, Veteran's groups, etc.

You may also want to email MSNBC to let them know how much you appreciate these tributes and that you'd like to see more coverage like this.

With thanks to John at OPFOR for uploading the video to YouTube.

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