13 October 2006

"And then there was Valour-IT"

" ...how many of you remember me lying in a hospital bed, unable to get up, unable to see, and unable to say what was on my mind? ( ... )
And then there was Valour-IT."

From Sgt Allen at Contact Right.

I remember how I felt when I first received my Valour-IT computer. I was eager to get back online with my teammates that were still in country, to feel as though I still had something to contribute. And ever since I have been extremely grateful to Soldiers' Angels and to CPT Chuck Ziegenfuss for their work and contributions to the Valour-IT program.

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And while you're over there, please look closely at the photo and meet some of my colleagues, SA Wounded Director Lynette and 2 Angels from the SA DC Wounded Team, Jill & Monica.

SGT Allen took this photo of some of the Wounded Warriors who received laptops that day together with members of the Howard County Police Department who presented signed shirts of appreciation during a recent get together at Malogne House.

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