09 October 2006

Making a Difference, One Soldier at a Time - Part 2

Received by Soldiers' Angel and Blankets of Hope sewer Casey:

My name is [redacted] and my husband developed a serious infection and went into kidney failure while in Afghanistan.

He was flown into Germany in August and had some surgery.

While in Germany my husband was given a backpack from Soldiers Angels. In there was the beautiful quilt you made and donated. You don't know how much it meant to him to receive the quilt. He was so far away from home, away from family and friends, and was in terrible physical shape. That was one of the first things he told me about when he called me from Landstuhl.

When I arrived here he pulled the quilt out and I read your note. We both cried. I told him there are good people in this world and there are people who appreciate the sacrificies that the soldiers and their families make.

God has given you a wonderful gift, not just of quilt making but the gift of kindness. My husband has that gift too - that's why he volunteered to serve in Afghanistan - he wanted to help not only the people that could not help themselves, but to help Americans stay safe in their own country. I am very proud of what he has done.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity. I know you have touched many lives just as you have touched ours.

We will cherish that quilt forever. We are expecting our first grandchild on Christmas Day. Thje quilt will make a wonderful addition to our "nursery"- you know, grandparents always have to have their own nurseries too!!

Please take care. When my husband has completely recovered and our lives calm down again I plan on helping Soldiers' Angels in some way. I can't make quilts - I can't even sew on a button.

Thank you again. You gave my husband comfort and kind words when no one else was able to.

[name redacted]

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