18 October 2006

"My quilts are very simple... "

Hi Friends,

As some of you know, I have been making quilts to send to the military hospital in Landstuhl Germany to be included as part of a package given to all incoming injured military by the group Soldier's Angels. During the summer I sent them 24 home made quilts, blankets or lap robes. I'll be sending another package within the next week with more quilts.

As requested, I include my name, address and e-mail address on each one. Today I received a lovely note in the mail from a wife. I won't use the name since I haven't talked to her, but this is what she wrote:

Mrs. Stemniski,

Thank you so much for the lovely quilt. My husband, LTC [name redacted] found it very comforting during his stay at Landstuhl Army Hospital.

Since he did not need a quilt upon his return to Baghdad, he sent it on to me.

We decided to continue on your kindness and gave it to a struggling family with 5 children. The mom was so grateful and I told her the story behind the quilt.

I thank you for your service to our injured soldiers. What a wonderful tribute to the service of your son and daughter-in-law.


[name redacted]

I was so pleased to get this note, and am so happy that the family passed on the quilt to someone else in need! My quilts are very simple, generally just a few colored squares sewn together, a layer of fiber in between and a solid piece of fabric on the back, all layers knotted together with yarn. Each quilt is different and I really enjoy making them.

And MY thanks goes to Soldier's Angels for what they do for the troops!!!!


Thanks for all you do, Dorothy.

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