16 October 2006

At first I felt guilty....

... about asking a couple of outpatients to help me assemble the new shelves for the SAG freight room. But after they told me it was "the most constructive thing they'd done since being in Germany", I didn't feel so bad ;-)

Arthur and Chris being "constructive".

These are those cheapo shelves where the holes for the bolts never line up right and you work up a sweat trying to force them together (I believe the instructions used the word "press", which is a freakin' joke).

Within 5 minutes I'm ready to take a sledgehammer to the thing and so when Arthur said, "now don't get frustrated... " I'm ready to take a sledgehammer to him. But when he was cursing and sweating 15 minutes later it was time to make him eat his words.

I promised to do the buying that evening but of course they wouldn't let me. So now I owe them for the beer, for putting together the shelves, and for protecting our sorry civilian a$$es.

You just can't get ahead with these guys.

The finished product.

Now this may look like chaos to you, but believe me, this is much better. This place is like a freight terminal - thanks to your support, we have our hands full keeping up with unpacking, sorting, and distributing as fast as you send stuff.

Clothing, blankets, and hygiene items.

Snacks and microwave meals for outpatients who get in from downrange after meal hours.

Liaison Officer giving inpatient an SA backpack with teddy bear.

Now they may be those of you who are thinking, "why doesn't the Army... ???"

3 things:
- The Army (DoD, government, etc.) does.
- Why shouldn't you?
- And most importantly, don't you think it means more to our troops to get things from people like you?

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Time to step up, people. We're at war.

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