24 January 2006

More Maine Troop Greeters

Greyhawk has a wonderful piece up about the Maine Troop Greeters, some of my favorite people in the whole world. The older ones remind me of my parents and their friends (I'm lucky they don't read this blog and won't see that "older" comment).

From one of the linked articles:

Troops here say the Maine Troop greeters have become almost legendary among rank and file. US Army Spec. Matthew Hardee, who was on his way back from Iraq, says he was hoping his plane would fly through Bangor. "It's awesome, especially since they are guys who were doing the same thing 40 and 50 years ago," he says.

And there's this:
Maine Troop Greeter Kay Lebowitz

It is well after dinnertime for Kay Lebowitz, but she hardly notices - she has hundreds of American troops to greet. ( ... )

A planeload of US Marines, heading to Iraq, files in line to board. She strives to hug all 263 of them. "See you on the way back," she tells them.

"Kay, let 'em go," shouts a fellow volunteer at the front of the queue. "You're holding up the line." But the 90-year-old hardly notices that, either.

Go over and read the rest, there's lots more.

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