17 January 2006

Last Friday Night at WR

Here's your weekly reminder to go over to Gunn Nutt's and read the latest on the WR counter-demonstrations. An excerpt:

A funny thing happened tonight, and I'll bet it happens every Friday on the far side of Georgia Ave. ( ... ) This week it stood empty for much of the early evening, so ( ... ) I decided to go over as well and get some shots from the far corner, too.

While taking a picture, a car turned in to the hospital and a soldier yelled out the window "Go home, you losers!" or something to that effect.

At first I was horrified to be mistaken for one of the commies, but then it occurred to me that the Pinkos probably get this kind of "welcome" every week. They keep coming back pretending to support the very Troops who know what they're up to and scorn them.

What a bunch of maroons!

Update: Landry Fan's got her report up, too.

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