12 January 2006

The Letter the Washington Post Won't Print

If I understand your explanation why you would not print my letter about my son, SGT MIKE STOKELY, KIA 16 AUG 05, IRAQ / IED, it is because my letter was previously used and "widely circulated". First, I am sure that can be taken as a great compliment to the blogs that used my letter - to be known as a wide means of circulation.

However, I am curious to know how many times the Washington Post published, most likely front page, the thoughts and views of Cindy Sheehan - probably the most widely circulated and published thoughts of anybody on the war in Iraq, including any parent who has lost a son or daughter?

Read the posts at Mudville Gazette and Crazy Politico's for the whole story. Also at Blackfive. Stay tuned for further developments - and get ready to write some letters.

Army Sgt Michael J. Stokely tribute at the Soldiers' Angels Fallen Heroes blog.

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