18 January 2006

Help Our Soldiers Help Iraqi Children

Soldiers' Angels received this request today. If you can help by sending shoes to SGT Best in Iraq, please email me for his APO address.


I want to say first thank you for all that you do.

Next I am a S-5 (civil military operations). We provide aid and projects for the local villages, this operation is imperative to us winning this war.

I saw on your website you guys are sending packages to give to Iraqi children. The thing I see that we are hurting for in this village and many others is shoes. 90% of the kids here don't have them and when they get them they are hand me downs that are worn out (sandals).

We will take anything you have - stinky shoes, old shoes, new shoes, shoes without shoe strings - anything to help these kids.

If you can help, please email me back.


Camp Victory Iraq

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