06 January 2006

James Cathey, Jr. Arrives!

In a follow up to this story, Lt James Cathey's wife Katherine gave birth to James Cathey, Jr. on 26 December.

JarHeadDad has the news here:

Katherine Cathey delivered her bouncing baby boy the other day. James Cathey, Jr! What a good lookin' little rascal he is. Ya' done good Kat and God Bless You and little James!

And includes this story:

War Widow Finds Christmas Gift In Newborn Son

A woman who lost her husband in the Iraq war gave birth to their son a couple weeks before his due date. The early Christmas present brought hope and joy after a year of war and tragedy.

The baby will never meet his father. The father will live in this Christmas gift, sent to comfort grieving hearts on earth.

"I've been kind of afraid that once I had him I would get even more upset about Jim having passed away, but having him has actually helped me," Katherine Cathey, a widow and mother said.

( ... )

Before Jim was buried, Katherine Cathey spent the last night with her husband. When she closed his coffin, she placed an ultrasound picture of their baby over his heart.

Make sure to read the original post and follow the link to the Denver Rocky Mountain News.

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