11 January 2006

Making a Difference

From Soldiers' Angel Christina:

I got home this evening and was not even home 5 mins and the phone rang. So I answer and this strange lady's voice comes on and says, "Hi is this Christina?" And I say yes thinking "great, telemarketer".

She then tells me "Hi this is Xxxx and I am the wife of Xxxx. You wrote to him in Iraq when he was deployed" - I did not know what to think at this point.

So I let her go on and she was saying she wanted me to know that her husband is now stateside and back to reg duty and she can not believe all the people that wrote to her husband.

He has a duffle bag filled with letters and she had been reading them and crying and she could not stop thanking me for all I had done for her husband.

We ended the conversation with me telling her how honored I was to write to him and for her to give him an extra big hug for all of us here at SA.

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