06 June 2008

Sometimes there's nothing like a warm, handmade blanket

Dear Paula:

My name is SFC Gregory (...) and I was wounded in Iraq in April by a road side bomb where I suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI), tinnitus right ear, lower back injury, etc.

While at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center Germany I was given two blankets with one being of an American flag design and another one being blue with a flower design. The two blankets followed me back here to WOMACK Army Medical Center Fort Bragg, North Carolina along with the address/email tags attached to the ribbons around the blankets and this is how I’m able to make contact with you.

I am so grateful you donated your time and resources to supply a blanket. The flight from Germany was long and cold. I was able to snuggle up and stay warm in the blanket you donated. I’ll always hold onto the blankets.

I want to extend a heartfelt “Thank You” for your support and kindness.

Proudly Serving,

Thanks so much to Paula and all of the members of SA's Blankets of Hope Team for making a difference, one Soldier at a time...

If you'd like information about making Blankets of Hope, email me.

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