13 June 2008

On Scouting

After this week's tornado tragedy in Iowa, Grim at Blackfive had this to say about the values taught in the Boy Scouts:

To be a Soldier or Marine, Sailor or Airman is to repay the debt you owe your ancestors: to be a useful defender of the civilization that bore you and made you prosperous and strong. The military is not the only organization that offers that chance.

For many, the beginning of service was with the Boy Scouts.

It is. Just yesterday my colleague Roger provided yet another example of his many experiences working with Scouts:

In my 7 years as a Scout leader, and another 2 years working with Scouts for Soldiers' Angels, I'm continually impressed by the contributions these young Americans make to support our soldiers. Look up "Patriot", and you'll see Eagle Scout.

780 DVDs and $4,500 collected by Life Scout Billy L. of Troop 310, Brooklyn, NY to complete his Eagle Scout service project in conjunction with Soldiers' Angels. The funds will be used to purchase phone cards which will be sent together with the DVDs to medical units downrange.

With a salute and a thank you to Scouts everywhere, and those who lead them.

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