18 June 2008

From the Soldiers' Angels mailbox

To one of the quiet teams at Soldiers' Angels, the Living Legends team:

Comments/Question: Regarding the passing of SFC Jason F. Dene

I just wanted to say "Thank You"... a million times over, for the special care you have provided during this difficult time. The cards and gifts were absolutely lovely. The outpouring of sympathy... overwhelming.

You have a fantastic program not only for deployed soldiers, but for the families who have lost their loved ones as well. I can't even begin to express how comforting it has been being embraced by all of your "angels".

Please continue your good work!

My deepest gratitude,
J. L.

"Military history is replete with time honored traditions. None are more sacred than those which honor a country's military dead. The military code of "leave no man behind" insures a soldier that his sacrifice will be honored from the moment he dies on the battlefield and that his remains will be treated with the dignity and respect accorded a brother in arms. In every conflict there are examples of soldiers honoring these traditions, sometimes with their own lives."

- from the Living Legends mission statement.

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