20 June 2008

Indiana National Guard Soldiers fight rising waters

During a downpour, Indiana National Guard Soldiers with the 38th Infantry Division pack sandbags in the early morning hours on a levee along the Wabash River in New Harmony, Ind., June 13. Photo: Spc. William E. Henry.

Story here.

Update 25 June. Rec'd on 20 June from the Iowa National Guard:

Dear Soldiers' Angels,

I am unsure as to how you received my name, but your boxes were received minutes ago as a large group of Soldiers were stopping in for snacks and refit. Your boxes put huge smiles on their faces as they returned to their security and sandbagging missions.

I thank you on behalf of all the Soldiers that received a special blessing from you guys. These Soldiers burn so many calories each day that eating three meals a day just doesn't cut it and drinking plain water in temperatures around 85 degrees just doesn't seem to do it. Gatorade is great!

Thank you again for your thoughtfulness and gifts.

PS they will also share with those who have been found homeless as they try to recover what they can.

God bless each of you!

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