30 June 2008

A Marine's letter from Afghanistan

USMC Lance Cpl. Andrew Whitacre sent this letter home to Portland in late April 2008. (Emphasis mine.)

Well, the time has come again. Yes, the lovely United States Marine Corp. has decided that my services are needed in a far away land. And I have been given the chance to change the lives of people in not only a city but a different country. How lucky am I?

This time I will be working in Southern Afghanistan, a country who has seen more fighting than any other I can think of. But the country itself is quite amazing. Unlike the flat terrain wasteland that I was in last time, this place has some character to it, which is nice until you are climbing 6,000 feet with full gear. But it’s all in good fun — LOL.

I just wanted to write to let everyone know that all is well on the front lines. It will be a long hard summer, but I know that once again with the support of family and friends we will pull through. I want to take a second and thank all of you who support us in what we do. I know many of you do not believe in the wars we are fighting in.

Just remember that all the men and women who are here — are here because at one point they took an oath to protect and serve YOU. The support of the citizens of the country we fight and die for is all that we ask. We don’t need, nor want to be treated like heroes, although I have seen many young men who are worthy of the title. All we need is to know that we have not been forgotten.

So to all of you who have somebody in your life who is away fighting to keep evil at bay, I beg you pick up a pen and paper and let them know that you are proud of the sacrifice that they are making.

And if you don’t know anyone who is deployed and want to show your support to a group of marines who deserve it, I have put my mailing address on the bottom.

Send your letters to me and I will ensure that they find their way into the hands of one of my Marines. (List of useful care package items was included here - ed.)

Just know that the best thing you can send is your support and prayers.

Thank you all for your time and thoughts.

God bless all of you.

— Lcpl Andrew Whitacre

47 G Co. 2nd Plt. WPDS

On June 19, LCpl Whitacre was shot and killed while on patrol in Farah Province, Afghanistan.

Photo Kyle Evens/The Star Press.

Support them, and don't forget them. It's really not much to ask.

Rest in peace, young warrior.

Via The Captain's Journal

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