27 June 2008

Life with the Marines in Garmsir, Afghanistan

Lance Cpl. Michael Ertle, right, a Marine in Garmsir district, says "The hardest thing for us is to go home and not be supported for what we're doing over here, whether they agree with the war or they don't agree with the war, we're still here fighting for their rights." Photo: David Gilkey/NPR.

Last month, 1,500 Marines were sent to attack a Taliban stronghold in Afghanistan's southern Garmsir district. The 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit captured Garmsir from the Taliban after 30 days of constant fighting.

Now, their mission is to stabilize the region. Meanwhile, they're dealing with strenuous living conditions and wondering what's happening back home.

"Strenuous living conditions" includes, among other things, 2 months without a shower.

But the Marines, as always, "make do" (as my father would say).

On one particular day, the group bought several sheep from a passing Afghan shepherd and cobbled together a barbecue. They took a 50-gallon drum, cut it in half and made a grill.

The Marines of the 24th MEU would like you to know more about what they're doing in Afghnistan ("People should know kinda what we're doing over here probably a little more than they are," says Mason Bennet, a Navy medic.), so read the article and watch the video at NPR here.

Oh, and we can't help much with the showers, guys, but SA has a big shipment of clean socks, t-shirts, and underwear on the way ;-)

More on the Marines in Afghanistan.

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