20 February 2007

"We seek victory"

From the Washington Times via Greyhawk at Milblogs.

Army Sgt. Daniel Dobson, 22, of Grand Rapids, Mich., is on his second tour in Iraq. I asked him what he thinks of the growing opposition to the war. Writing from Mosul, he says he appreciates the freedom Americans have to protest, but adds:

"The American military has shown a stone-cold professional veneer throughout the seething debate raging over Iraq. Beneath that veneer, however, is a fuming, visceral hatred. We feel as though we have been betrayed by Congress."

Sgt. Dobson believes the military is hamstrung against an enemy with no reservations or restrictions: "It is our overwhelming opinion that we have not been allowed to conduct the war to the fullest of our capability; neither do we feel that we should pull out because of a lack of 'results'.

War is not a chemistry set with predetermined outcomes or complications. With a great army matched with an equally cunning enemy, we find ourselves in a difficult but winnable fight.

We do not seek results; rather, we seek total and unequivocal victory."

Time for Rep. Sam Johnson again. Note how closely his words mirror those of Sgt. Dobson.

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