22 February 2007

Milbloggie Voting is Now Open

From Milblogging.com:

Congratulations again to all the nominees that placed in the Top 5.

You can now vote for one milblog in each category. This is the final phase so please participate... Keep in mind, you must be signed in to vote.

The charts also include the results from the Nomination phase. As of now, the charts are sorted by the number of nominations, but there is a column called “Votes” that displays the current number of votes. The Voting will close on February 27th at 8 PM EST.

Winners will be announced next week. And each winner who does attend this year's Milblog Conference, will be presented an award.

To be honest, I haven't paid much attention to this, but somehow Soldiers' Angels Germany has been nominated and has gotten a few votes since the voting opened earlier today.

Thanks to everyone who has nominated and voted for this blog. I'm very moved.

What moves me much more however, are the many emails I receive each and every day from readers who want to help support our soldiers. Those are the type of "votes" that really count. Thank you.

Anyway, if you haven't voted yet, and would like to, go here. Soldiers' Angels Germany can be found in the U.S. Civilian category.

You'll have to register in order to vote, but don't worry - you won't get any spam or anything.

I've got some very good friends (and in my opinion much better bloggers) in the same category - so vote for them if you think they're better! (I did.)

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