21 February 2007

IED searches ongoing for Marines of 'Joker'

Marines from Golf Company, a part of the California-based Battalion Landing Team 2/4, currently operating in the city of Barwanah, conduct a sweep and clear operation through the city...

The search yielded no caches but the key object on the list of things to find, an IED placed in front of a bombed out Iraqi Police station, was found. A 155mm artillery round and one 120mm mortar round were found 'daisy-chained' together and were fully prepped to be used against the Marines patrolling the streets of Barwanah.

The kill radius of a 155mm round is 100 meters. Have you ever seen what one can do to the human body?

I have.

Well done, Golf Company and the rest of BLT 2/4.

Source: Marine Corps News

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