17 February 2007

Spiritual Warfare Needed

Leslie and DJ

For privacy reasons, I am using only previously published material for this post.

U.S. Marine Cpl. David Emery, who writes in every letter home about the impending birth of his baby girl, was scheduled to leave Iraq on Jan. 1, but his tour was extended to Feb. 20.

He feared he would be extended again and not make it home to be with his wife for the birth of their first baby in May, a little girl already named Carlee.

Now his wife just hopes that he makes it home at all.

Emery, 21, is clinging to life in a military hospital in Germany after a suicide-bomb attack in insurgency stronghold Anbar province last week. ( ... )

The family initially was told by the military that they would not be flown to Germany unless the prospects for Emery's recovery became bleak.

That happened Monday morning.

"Now he has pneumonia and he's on a respirator," said Connie Emery, the Marine's mother. "And he's on kidney dialysis because his kidneys don't work. They said we need to get there. Right now he's hour to hour." ( ... )

While his wife Leslie knows how dire her husband's condition is, she finds comfort in what friends and family have been telling her, that the baby she is carrying is reason for her husband to fight to survive.

"People keep saying that if it wasn't for the baby, they don't know what his mindset would be," Shivery said. "Every letter home, he always writes about the baby."

Your thoughts and prayers would be most appreciated.

Update 18 FEB: Due to an encouraging development in DJ's condition, he is being medevac'd to CONUS today. Thank you for your continued prayers for DJ and all of our wounded warriors.

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