08 February 2007

10th Mountain Feels the Love

From Kathy via the Soldiers' Angels Forum:

To all the Angels that have newly adopted our 10th Mountain soldiers... I did a presentation at our church last night about Soldiers' Angels at the request of one of these Soldier's Moms.

I was listening to her speak before I went up and she told about her son calling and telling her how much everyone loved having an Angel.

He also told how recently the guys had pulled into a base for a short time and on the way out they had a convoy of 4 trucks and everyone was moving when one guy said, "Hey C., did you remember to tell your Mom about the 4 new guys in our unit so they can get Angels, too?"

He said, "No I forgot!" and the whole convoy stopped moving so he could get out and call to make sure these 4 new guys were taken care of.

Just in case you didn't know, all the new soldiers have been adopted and are all set.

And from Bob Connolly:

Three days ago, I posted an email to my colleagues here about an infantry company from the 10th Mountain that operates from a horribly rugged spot in Afghanistan right next to Pakistan. They were just extended for another four months, and their XO posted a plea for help on AnySoldier.com.

From my email, I got five immediate responses, and by the end of today, I had $270 in cash, four boxes of snacks, toiletries, coffee, and the like from a bunch of other people. I know of eight others who are shopping this weekend, and I think that there are others who are working beneath the radar on this. By the time we are done, I think that we will probably send 10 – 12 big boxes (i.e. 15 – 20 lbs each) to 10th Mountain units that have had their tour extended in Afghanistan.

Most of the people I have heard from had never contributed before. Every last one of them was touched that somebody was looking out for these guys. Not one word about the politics except to say that they didn’t matter: these were our guys.

There are a lot of dirtbags in the world and decent people can be discouraged by it all... but then you run across angels like these colleagues of mine... soldiers' angels.

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