21 February 2007

WaPo Articles about Walter Reed

I've received quite a few emails asking me what I think about these articles. I haven't posted on this subject because others have been doing a much better job than I can. I'm going to point you to them and not post abstracts because you should read the entire posts - and click on the links they contain.

Andi has three posts up and I agree wholeheartedly with everything she's written. Her Final Thoughts on Walter Reed are a great summary.

Fuzzy also has been on this since the beginning with a series of posts, and this one eloquently states how I feel about the tone of the second WaPo article - which I strongly object to.

The Armorer has the DoD press release along with his thoughts.

Finally, Chuck writes from the viewpoint of an Army Officer and a Walter Reed patient. He also appeared on CNN today.

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