13 June 2006


Mohammed and Omar at Iraq the Model express their anger and disappointment over the reaction of certain elements in the Middle East and elsewhere to Zarqawi's death.

Some are sad just because we're happy.
Hamas's reaction to the death of Zarqawi caused the contempt of so many Iraqis. The printed and watched Iraqi media lashed out vigorously on Hamas, politicians and ordinary people on the streets are just equally angered by some Arabic official and media reactions which spoke of the criminal as if he were a hero.

It is totally unimaginable why someone would describe the head chopping, children murdering terrorist as a hero. It's disgusting and infuriating beyond words.

This wrongful description of evil is a major reason for misery in this region and it only contributes to justifying more unjustifiable death and violence. This makes one sometimes wishes that Iraq is somehow lifted away from these perverted sociopaths who surround us.

Iraq, Jordan send powerful messages to Zarqawi's lovers.
The anti-Zarqawi-lovers sentiment is getting stronger in the region, especially in Iraq and Jordan where Zarqawi and his gangs committed their worst crimes.
( ... )
Those who preach hatred and death represent one of the roots of the terrorist culture and the struggle against terror cannot succeed without bringing justice upon those evil men.

I wonder what will it take to see a strong public and official stand against terrorism and death-preaching in the rest of the Middle East and when are we going to see the people in Saudi Arabia or Egypt for example raise cases against Qaradawi and his likes?

I wonder, too.

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