26 June 2006

An Angel’s Sigh

I look from the heavens, my place of safety,
God’s place which He protects.
I watch to see which life is ended,
And which life is reborn.
But today I have seen something different.
I have seen a life that will never end.
It cannot be reborn.

I have seen the life of a Soldier.

For the path he walks is full of mystery.
He knows not of what will happen today.
But I know, I can see where it leads.
It leads to heartbreak and anger,
Things he has never experienced before.
Then how will he react?
Will they stop him from reaching his goal?
His goal to return home to his loved ones,
His goal to save a country’s freedom.
Yet he does not know his joys,
He does not know he will return home,
He does not know he is being watched and protected.
He is a son of God, the God I follow.

I give him thanks.

Thanks for standing up every morning unknowing,
Unknowing of his destiny,
Unknowing of his fate,
Unknowing of his immortal state.
For he is not immortal in body
But immortal in soul.
A soul that cannot be broken or torn,
A soul which rises into the heavens,
A soul in God’s mind and creation.

Therefore I sigh,
I sigh because he is a warrior,
I sigh because he is true,
I sigh for he has been chosen,
Chosen by God to do his bidding,
I sigh because he has no choice,
No choice in fate or destiny.

And then I cry.

I cry because he is a hero,
I cry because he never gives up,
I cry because he never cries.
For that I smile,
I smile because he smiles,
I smile because he is immortal,
I smile because I am his Guardian Angel.

To all Angels,

You all have done so much for us and made our deployments so much easier through emails, letters and mail. So I wrote a poem to show my appreciation. I really do hope you can make sure it gets to everyone some way some how, because I am really grateful. It's called An Angel's Sigh. Please enjoy and smile because all of your hard work and efforts have been seen by God and he has carried your blessings to me and every Soldier in the world.

SPC Maurice in Iraq

Thank you, Maurice. Know that we love you and that Angels are watching over you all.

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