20 June 2006

The Miracle Marine

"Would you like to come meet my patient?", one of the ICU nurses asked us.

Mrs. G and I were in the Landstuhl ICU restocking the hand/foot warmer shelf and bringing some thank you cards for the staff.

"Sure", we said. "What's the deal with him?"

"He was shot in the eye by a sniper. But aside from losing the eye, he's basically fine."

We went in and there he was, one eye sewn shut and bruised. Smiling. Happy and amazed to be alive.

Turns out they're going to leave the bullet in there as long as it doesn't move and cause trouble. He has no brain damage. His eyelid was not even injured.

I just could not stop shaking his hand and patting him on the shoulder and head. What a miracle.

God bless you, Miracle Marine, and have a safe trip home.

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