29 November 2005

Giving Thanks at Walter Reed

'Twas the night after Thanksgiving and the temperatures were in the 20s, but that didn't stop our great friends Gunn Nutt, LandryFan, and others from showing up for the weekly counterprotest in front of Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Photo courtesy of GunnNutt

For many months now, this group of patriots has gathered in front of Walter Reed to show support for our recovering heroes and to counteract the demonstration of radical CodePink protesters.

In a shameful show of disrespect, the Pinkos have chosen a military hospital instead of the White House or the Capitol as the location of their ongoing anti-war protest. According to LandryFan, on Friday a wounded soldier in a wheelchair braved the elements to come out and exercise his right of free speech to give the Pinkos his opinion on that.

Gunn Nutt has a full report with lots of photos, some interesting comments about 3 Massachusetts Congressmen, and an interesting tidbit about CodePink's planned trip to Cuba in December.

In another post as part of "The 14 Day Pushback" launched by Andi of Andi's World, Gunn Nutt discusses why it is important to continue protesting the anti-war protesters, using soldiers' letters and comments to illustrate the point.

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