01 December 2005

Little Things Can Mean A Lot

A Thanksgiving day email exchange between a Soldier in Iraq and Soldiers' Angels.

Dear Soldiers’ Angels,

I just re-submitted my name and info because I was trying to get help on how to contact my buddy's Angels. He was seriously hurt in an accident and I'm sure he would like them to know what’s going on. His name is SSgt C.

Please e-mail me back with more information on how to get a hold of my friend’s Angels or if you can get a hold of his Angels and give them my e-mail address so I can update them with his situation it would be great.

Thank you again,
SSgt G.

What can you say about a guy worried about his seriously injured friend who is at the same time concerned about his friend's Angels...

Patti, the founder of Soldiers' Angels replies:

Dear SSgt G.,

I am so sorry to hear this news, I will get you the names ASAP.

How are you doing, can I send supplies?


And what can you say about the founder of an organization that is watching submission messages, researching Angels' names, and asking about sending supplies - on Thanksgiving day...

Thank you for your support and wanting to help, Ms. Patti.

SSgt C. is in Germany now so I'm sure he is receiving the best care possible. If there is anything you're wanting to send please feel free but I can't think of anything needed right off the top of my head at the moment.

Thank you again for your help.

SSgt G.

Patti forwards the email to us at SA Germany. I make a phone call, then update the group:

Hi everyone,

I'm in New Jersey right now, but I just called the hospital and spoke with the nurse on Sgt C.'s ward.

She promised to let Sgt C. know that Sgt G. and the "Ninjas" were asking for him, so please pass that along to him.

She also said she was just in his room, he was sleeping but she had been talking with him earlier... (personal information removed)

Let us know if there's anything else we can do, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Angel Robin picks it up here, forwarding the news to SSgt G. and receiving this reply:

Thank you so much, Robin.

Y'all mean so much to us soldiers over here in Iraq. It's amazing how if you just reach out for help there are people like yourself and Soldiers’ Angels there to help out in any way possible.

It brought tears to my eyes just knowing that y'all contacted someone who could get through to him and let him know that his buddies care so much about him.

Thank you, Robin.

SSgt G.

Like I said - little things can mean a lot.

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