10 December 2005

A Soldier's Ode to the Protesters

I may not know your name
but know that I care
I'm going to share some things with you
so you are aware

You march in protest
with your signs in hand
You say war is not the answer
it's not god's plan

Well I don't agree
or at least choose the words you may
But here I stand
defending to my death your right to say

I guess you don't really get it
you'll never understand
How nervewracking it is
to step out on that sand

So those who say its not worth the cost
it's not worth the while
Has never seen a grin
on the face of an Iraqi child

Just know we are here
to help them make a stand
And I will give my life
to put freedom in their hands

So before you raise your sign
and scream about what's right
Know that I'm standing guard
sleep in peace tonight

Cause you may never be here
and I pray you never do
We will stand and fight
making the American dream come true

We know our road's broken,
not all smooth and flat
It's just disheartening to know
it's come down to that

So before you curse at Bush
know we're glad he exists
Because he cared enough to make a stand
instead of just waving an angry fist.

Written by deployed soldier Jeff B. after being on guard duty. Contributed by his Angel Amy.

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