12 December 2005

Freezing Friday Evening at Walter Reed

Landry Fan, Gunn Nutt, Andi, and the FReepers were out at Walter Reed again last Friday night in spite of freezing temperatures and high winds.


Photo by FReeper bmwcyle via Landry Fan.

Andi, who's husband recently deployed to Iraq notes:
It's been a while since I've been out to the counter demonstration. Some things never change, including Code Pink's insistence on desecrating the grounds outside of Walter Reed, the hospital housing many of our recovering heroes. They managed ten or so anti-war protesters, but no guitar and no hippie music tonight - whew!

Gunn Nutt's report is a must-read, as always, with lots of pics and good insight.

Read Landry Fan's report, too, which includes this statement to which I can only say, Amen!

Maybe this Christmas season, the pinkos' hearts will grow a size or two and they will stop tormenting the war wounded.

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