16 November 2005

Final Results of the Valour-IT Fundraising Competition - THANK YOU!

Apologies for being so late on this... the final tally is in at the Valour-IT Blog, and it is impressive:


The blogger team breakdown is as follows:

Navy - $23,831.76
Army - $23,652.57
Marines - $19,607.00
Air Force - $11,114.11
Unaffiliated - $10,128.00

Although Navy ended up slightly higher than Army, the Army team led by Blackfive was the first to reach the team goal of $21,000.00. Congratulations, Army!

Valour-IT's mission is to provide laptops with voice-controlled software to soldiers with hand and arm injuries or amputations at military medical centers in the United States and Germany.

My heart is filled to think of the many hundreds of individuals who donated to this cause. Thank you.

And thank you to all of the bloggers - most importantly FbL of Fuzzilicious Thinking, the competition organizer - who participated in the fundraising competition. Without you this would not have been possible.

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