07 November 2005

"My Soldiers See That People Back Home Truly Care About Them"

To All of the Angels:

I wish to thank you, all of you, for the impact that you have on my soldiers.

They just received their first letters today, and all of them were talking about writing back to their senders. Morale was up at mail call today, needless to say.

The organization is a great motivator and escape from everyday life for these soldiers. They read the letters seeing that people back at home truly care about them.

Your angels are the very best and I wish I could thank every single one of them individually.

I know the angels do not get to directly reap the benefits that come from the correspondence to the soldiers, but I see their faces and hear them in conversation and it makes me so thankful this organization is present.

You are truly angels. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the American soldier.

God Bless Each and Every One of You,

2LT Xxxxx

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