10 November 2005

In Honor of Our Veterans, Past and Present (Part 2)

Armed Liberal has a great Veteran's Day post up over at Winds of Change:

Veteran's Day is a simple day in which we - as a nation - express our gratitude to the veterans who have sacrificed, suffered, and risked for us.

Acknowledging that requires three simple things:

- To acknowledge that there is an 'us' on whose behalf the veterans have served.

- To acknowledge that their service itself was an honor.

- To acknowledge that our nation - like all others - owes no small part of its existence, wealth, and freedom to the simple fact that we were (and I hope are) willing to defend it with the force of arms. We are born in blood, and live with bloody hands.

Finally, to acknowledge that last moral debt with a personal commitment to make that blood others have spent for us matter. To use our freedom, build our community, do something to create a future better than our present.

Be sure to read the whole thing.

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