03 November 2005

October Visit to Kleber Outpatient Barracks


It’s always happens at the end when we’re packing up and getting ready to leave.

“Hey listen, I just wanted to thank you guys… “

Oh, $h#t! Here it comes...

“I mean, what you guys did here today…“

We can’t help it, our eyes fill with tears. Pull yourself together! You know what happens when one person starts!

I don’t trust my voice, so I just turn around and give him a hug. Other guys come over. We stand around awkwardly and talk for a few minutes, all of us pretending we’re not choking up. They slowly go inside.

I turn back to the car and busy myself unnecessarily rearranging stuff in the trunk.


But it's been a good day.


Willie and Valerie restock the coffee bar with microwave meals and TONS of Little Debbies, NutterButters, popcorn, and other snacks. We also have a few CD players, handheld games, and boxes of comic books.

We hang up some more pictures for the Wall of Thanks project.

The picnic.

A French Angel and a U.S. Marine.

Photo taken at this Seabee's request to torment his buddies back down range. Prost, guys!

We were fortunate this weekend to have unseasonably warm weather, but this will be the last outdoor picnic this season... we'll think of something else for the winter months.

HOOAH and THANK YOU to our fellow Angels for your ongoing support.

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