18 January 2010

Update from Team Rubicon in Haiti

After arrival in Port-au-Prince yesterday, this morning Team Rubicon had already rolled out to a casualty center the Jesuits established in a bad part of town. The Team reports over 900 persons seeking medical attention and that they are the only medical help in the area.

"I'm used to seeing fresh wounds, not old wounds. I'm used to having enough equipment for my team. I'm pissed off at myself for only having, for instance, one pair of scissors. I'm pissed off at myself for not packing for a team", says former Special Forces Medic Mark Hayward, who arrived in Haiti with his own equipment and the will to help.

The advance team, led by milblogger Jake Wood, is now 8 strong. Additional members include: Milwaukee firefighters Jeff Lang and Craig Parello, former Marine William McNulty, former Army SF Medic Mark Hayward, Jesuit Brother Jim Boynton, ER doctor David Griswell and GP doctor Eduardo P. Dolhun.

Please pray for all of them.

You can follow Team Rubicon here.

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