11 January 2010

Operation SAVE: Support A Veteran's Employment

A great new program to employ veterans from Soldiers' Angels. We hope you'll consider supporting it, and help us spread the word!

Soldiers' Angels recently announced its first Angel-operated warehouse, staffed and run entirely by veterans and Angel volunteers. The busy facility opened in December 2009 and shipped 50,000 Holiday care packages in just two weeks!

In addition to the reduction in overhead the warehouse brings, payroll for the staff itself fits the mission of Soldiers' Angels by supporting veterans as they return home. Staffing it with recent veterans helps provide a soft-landing for their transition to civilian life... It surrounds them with like-minded people as they develop skills in the corporate world.

The Need
The Soldiers’ Angels warehouse is both an extension of the mission to assist America’s veterans, and a challenge—a challenge you can help Soldiers’ Angels meet!

In difficult economic times such as these, hiring employees is an act of faith and determination. It is this type of tenacity and dedication that defines Soldiers' Angels and its Angel volunteers. Currently Soldiers’ Angels has staffed the warehouse with four recent veterans and hopes to hire more to meet the tremendous demands on the facility. With your help, that growth is possible!

SAVE helps make sure Soldiers' Angels is able to continue to employ veterans and increase the number of positions available for additional veterans.

How You Can Help
You can employ a hero! You can help pay the cost of helping a returning hero transition back to the civilian workforce and develop comfort with—and the confidence of success in--the civilian world.

Employ a hero by donating towards the payroll of veterans at the SA Warehouse:

•1 Hour $15
•1 Day $120
•1 Month $2,400
•or 1 Year $30,000

If you would like to include a note to the veterans employed at the SA Warehouse, enter your text in the comment box when you donate online, or include a note with your donation to:

Soldiers' Angels
1792 E. Washington Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91104

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