11 January 2010

First Canadian amputee goes back downrange

Capt. Simon Mailloux, who lost a leg when his armoured vehicle hit a road bomb in November 2007, is seen at Kandahar Airfield on Jan. 8, 2010. Photo: Colin Perkel, The Canadian Press.

From Colin Perkel of The Canadian Press:

KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN – The first Canadian soldier to return to active duty in Afghanistan as an amputee says coming back has closed a loop for him and shown the insurgents' weapon of choice can be overcome.

Designed to do more than maim, kill and damage, the improvised explosive device is supposed to instill terror, said Capt. Simon Mailloux.

"By coming back here, I think I've defeated the IED that blew me up – I've overcome that fear," Mailloux said. "I came back on two feet – one in plastic, one in skin and bone – but still came back. It feels like we overcame at least this IED."

"I was kind of torn apart by things I had not done but I said I would do," he said. "For me, (coming back) was something that needed to be done."

The whole article about Capt. Mailloux's extraordinary courage can be found here.

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