19 January 2010

Once again, America's Soldiers are our best ambassadors

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You do us proud, Sgt. Ames!
U.N. peace keepers were given orders to clear the street. They did so with force. Unable to speak the native language Creole or even English, the Jordanian... Pakistani and Indian forces mostly did their talking with nightsticks and rubber bullets. No one was seriously injured. But tensions are building.

The American soldiers on hand - members of the 82nd Airborne - showed restraint. Their helmets were off and their guns were intentionally unloaded. ...

"We all have our different methods and styles in which we control situations," said Sgt. Mike Ames, U.S. Army. "We're here to help them, not to push them around."

All the way!

Shamelessly stolen from Greyhawk (who's celebrating his birthday today, so make sure to go over and say hey).

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