17 January 2010

Milblogger Mission in Haiti

Amazing - a military blogger, a former Army Special Forces Medic, and a former Marine Scout Sniper are part of a 5-man advance team already on the ground working out of a Jesuit Mission near the airport in Haiti.

Here they are yesterday in the Dominican Republic.

Jake Wood and Mark Hayward, former Marine Scout Sniper and former Army 18D, look at possible routes into Port au Prince while waiting on luggage at the Santo Domingo airport. Jesuit Jim Boynton will guide the team to the Jesuit Refugee Mission in PaP today.

More at Blackfive on this entirely privately funded project. You can follow their progress and donate at Jake's blog here.

During terrible tragedies like the one unfolding now in Haiti, we all wish we could be able to offer direct and concrete assistance. These guys have the training to do so, they got there, and they can keep themselves and their patients safe. They can do more with your help.

I've just donated. It's not tax-deductable (they put this together fast), but I know that every single dollar will go to good use.

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