27 October 2009

Soldiers' Angels to receive The Spirit of Hope award

Soldiers' Angels humbly announces the impending receipt of the prestigious Spirit of Hope Award, to be presented by the Office of the Secretary of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff. Trustee Richard M. John and Operations Manager Toby Nunn will be in Washington, DC tomorrow to receive the award in the form of a unique bronze medallion, which is being bestowed in recognition of the many troop support activities of Soldiers' Angels in 2008. Past recipients include U.S. Military service members, senators and congressmen, and everyday Americans.

The Spirit of Hope Award originated with the USO, inspired by the efforts of Bob Hope to support and raise the morale of American military servicemen and women. It is now handled by The Wiegand Foundation, and each of the five military branches as well as the Office of the Secretary of Defense have the option to honor up to two people or organizations each year with a bronze or silver medallion, for a total of twelve honorees. All twelve medallions have never be bestowed in the same year, and the Secretary of Defense has bestowed only two medallions since 2003.

Receipt of the Spirit of Hope Award is a tribute to all the Angels who make Soldiers' Angels such a powerful organization--the individuals, families, companies who work together as a team of Angels to make sure no Soldier, Sailor, Airmen, Marine or Guardsman goes unloved!

Stay tuned for more on this tremendous honor...

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