08 October 2009

Little Girl Can't Let go as Sergeant Daddy Leaves For Iraq

Paige Bennethum, 4, holds her daddy's hand as he lines up in formation before heading to Iraq. Credit: Abby Bennethum.

Army Reserve Staff Sgt. Brett Bennethum was preparing to depart from Fort Dix, N.J., for Iraq, leaving behind his pregnant wife and two little girls. His family was there to see him off.

His commanding officer didn't have the heart to tell Paige she had to let go of her daddy.

If this touching story doesn't bring a tear to your eye, there's somethin' wrong with ya.

With thanks to Miss Ladybug.

Update: Soldiers' Angels currently has over 2300 soldiers waiting for adoption. Please join us and show these troops how much they're appreciated!

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