13 October 2009

Attention Sewers!

This is for you:


My name is TSgt [redacted] and I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your organization. I was recently deployed to Afghanistan with my squadron (Air Force) and became ill and had to be medivaced to Germany. Just before I boarded the plane I was given a blanket made by Soldier's Angels. The blanket made my day, it was so comfy and provided me a little piece of home during my flight and stay in the hospital. I know your organization does so much for me, my brothers and sisters and thank you isnt enough.

The war on terror has been hard on service members such as myself and I wanted to applaud citizens such as yourself for standing behind us no matter what your true belief on war may be.

A grateful Airman,

TSgt [redacted]

My thanks as well to all of you who provide that "little piece of home" for our medevaced service members.

Email me if you'd like to make and send blankets for our patients at Landstuhl.

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