12 October 2009

"If you have any interest in this war, watch this."

A note from Afghanistan:

Tomorrow, OCT 13th, Frontline will be showing a very important program about the battle for Afghanistan. Last spring we had Danfung Dennis embedded with us - he helped to produce the "Wardak Warriors" documentary that many of you watched. He has spent the summer with the Marines in Helmand.

... It is very well-done and very accurate. It gives a very real, very in-depth look at what life is like for us here in Afghanistan. What is especially compelling is towards the end there is a great deal of interaction with the local elders, up close. You will gain a much better perspective of what life is like here "outside the wire." From this piece you get just a glimpse of the enormity of the problems here, the frustrations, the harshness, and the human side of war.

I hope that you watch it.

Greyhawk has thoughts here.

Note: Much of this is live footage from downrange and as such contains graphic language and images.

Update: The entire program may be viewed online here.

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