01 April 2008

What media bias?

Steve Schippert at The Tank:

Iranians Told Sadr to Stand Down

Rich Lowry notes at The Corner that the media is reporting that the Iranians Told Sadr to Stand Down.

So my question is; where were the reports telling the public that Iran told Sadr to stand up?

Oh, wait... That's apparently our job.

The MSM reporting on this over the past week has been incredibly, indescribably poor. Either by laziness or design, they are repeating nothing but second-hand rumor and blatant propaganda. I turned on CNN last night and Nic Robertson was apoplectically spewing all kinds of wild nonsense.

Thank God for informed jourmalists like Steve Schippert and Bill Roggio.

Oh, and get this doozy caught by Greyhawk over at the Mudville Gazette.

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